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In an environment where we
are assailed with over 10,000 attention-demanding images a day, what exactly makes Teknigrammaton Graphics different?

Serious graphic design not only dents into that visual pie—but successfully visually translates your core self, your company, your concept, your passions and the very essence of what you are—rendering all those commitments and passions into powerful visual, symbolic pieces of communication art.


As you stand on a bedrock of increasingly rare values in an overly-glutted market, you need to permanently impact people with your brand and your message. What guides Tek Graphics is the fundamental understanding of what real and knowledgeable branding and graphics does when it truly works; and we take it personally—but professionally.


With over 25 years’ experience in an unusually broad spectrum in design, branding, copy-writing, print buying
and web content to spot illustration… with intimacy in diverse industries ranging from medical to educational, to banking to musicians to non-profits, Tek Graphics offers a palette of skills rarely found in one resource. That resource can be yours today.


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Listed below are a few of our areas of expertise. Click on the icons below to see samples.
If you have questions beyond what you see below, please inquire!

A small fraction of over 25 years’ worth of custom,  for-the-client logos and unique branding.

A few samples of design of all kinds (print, web, incentives. From corporate to indie rock.

A selection of custom created
spot art—all tailor-made for the project / client.